Gisela`s passion for dance and movement has led her to choreograph more than 30 ballets, lead movement workshops all over the world, and she has also travelled to international dance competitions as a member of the jury panel.

 Parallel to the arts world, she has also dedicated 15 years of her life to expand her knowledge about all forms of self-inquiry and healing techniques: ranging from Buddhism, Kundalini, the metaphysic course in miracles to body therapies. The result is a beautiful combination of art and expansion of consciousness for you to really embody your presence.

For Gisela, the practice on resilience is certainly a map to navigate in order to maintain ones mental health.

 Movement For Life explores how to embody polarities and consciousness by choosing presence instead of fear, action instead of passivity, joy instead of bitterness, and resilience instead of resentment.

 If you feel the need to be more in touch with yourself, make time to be in the present, and release overthinking arising from the daily stresses of life, this technique is for you.

It shows ways to expand your consciousness and experience your presence beyond judgment and thoughts.