Images of my work as choreographer, sometimes concept maker and director, sometimes productions with Gisela Rocha Company in Zürich.

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Others as guest choreographer.

Those are remarkable moment in my career that i carry with love and gratitude towards those amazing artist who inspired me and co create!

Cinevox Company Switzerland

Mind`s eye with ZHDK Zurich

Using the choreography of Gisela Rocha, a dancer from Brazil, Sung-Yong Kim danced in <Mother and alien son>, delivering a most stable and mature impression by far among his 7 works.

Choreographed based on inspiration from art work of sculptor Henry Moore, <Mother and alien son> is a product of meeting between Gisela Rocha and Sung-Yong Kim, and common sentiment felt by the two individuals each of whom are someone’s mother and son. Despite unprocessed objects such as pile of rocks and water were used in this art piece, well-tuned constitution, lyrical music and restrained dance successfully gave off impression that there was a long preparation period for this piece. The session undoubtedly proved that a dance focused on pure beauty is superior than any radical and experimental dances purposed for community and concept dancing.

2013 July, Magazine Dance & people Dance Critic Kim Ye Rim 

Mother & Alien Son with Kim Sung Yong . Korea

                "four"                                                                                                                                   Introdans 40th years 

White on white gisela rocha company

Bloom with Gisela Rocha Company Zürich