Feeling stuck in your own body?

Disconnect with emotions?

Ongoing thinking, too much mental energy and lack of spontaneity.

Incapable to listen the others and mental impatience?

Come dance with me.



one on one with Gisela Rocha

  • This program consist in 2 month lecture , with one class per week, duration 2 hours.
  • Attention: this is not a online course. All the classes will be with my presence.
  • Why should I book this?
  • The time we invest in self growth ,and well being is the most essencial investment in life.
  • All transformation come from inside, from your soul energy.
  • In this program Gisela will pass her insights on how to keep your body and mind in harmony.
  • You will learn how to regulate your emotions.
  • You will be conscious about your energy integrity and  how to get into flow.
  • Embody presence will teach you how to be spacious and learn the art of listening, dissolving conflicts and dramas, with this technique you can create balance harmony and power in your life.


Program 1

Energy integrity


Learning listen to your body

Move stagnation


Program 2

 Become flexible  with your body mind

 What you say yes for

 Alignment body mind

 Embody no and  yes

 Creating healthy boundaries 

How to embody Grace in hard times

Learning listen others 



Program 3

Calming the mind

Energy integrity on every moment

Layers of sensations

Master listening to you and others

Wellbeing is skill to learn

Mastering your energy 

Experience Flow

 A complete integration and free expression of your emotions



Wellbeing is a skill to learn


Morning techniques

Night rituals

Gratitude diary

Learn softner and dissolve  pain 

2 Skype call 

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