What is «movement for life»?

Movement for life was created in 2014.  This project marks the 3rd period of my intensive career as choreographer,  director and artist. This is a period of time dedicated to offering, inspiring and lifting people's life, as well as mine. My journey has now changed its direction from receiving to giving. This project is unique because it presents a complete program of conscious movement. By coming to my classes you will receive a wide range of dance techniques, dance improvisation, self growth, group dynamics, creativity and healing.

Movement for life opens up people's hearts.

As an movement artist, I encourages people to be in contact with great energy and authentic expression. Breaking mental barriers, you will be inspired to receive clear guidance and sense more, feel more and express yourself without fear of judgement.


Movement for life offers, «body whispering», dance for elderly and «Dance with me» in Zurich, an ongoing group. By its three years anniversary movement for life has already covered many events such as «Win Global Conference» in Rome, «Curious Courses» in Zurich, «Women Weekend» Lenzerheide, Switzerland,  «The power in you» Trigon production and «AweSummit» in Zurich and Barcelona.

What is «Dance with me»?

This program covers a combination of conscious dance, modern dance techniques and movement research.

I believe dance can support healing and well being.

The class offers a structure to help you with body condition as well addressing mind and soul provoking a great understanding of embodiment.

Being in the present moment is the key to achieve a healthy mind.

«Movement for Life» will help you explore many possibilities to communicate with your body and emotions. Gisela's method provides a safe world where the students feel inspired to investigate body language and sense expressions. 


«Dance with me» raises awareness of physical weaknesses and awakens numb areas,

opening up our intuition helps improving inner self–listening and offers space for joy and an experience of freedom.


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